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Google (and other search engines like it) is the gateway to the rest of the internet. The search giant handles 2.3 million searches per minute; that's 40,000 people every second being connected with the answers they seek, the content they want and the businesses they need to connect with.

Most people click on the first result they can see; the human eye barely wanders below the third-place item. If you're not on the first page, you're nowhere.

If you want Google to be friendly to your website, your website has to be friendly to Google. This means choosing the right keywords, building the right relationships with other websites and making sure your site has all the qualities search engines look for in a first-place result.

How we consistently get our clients to the top of those search results:

Stage One: Planning and Research

Our job isn't to get you to the top of every search, all over the world. Our job is to figure out exactly who your customers are, exactly where they are, and exactly what they're searching for. Once we have a concrete idea of who we're marketing to, we can tailor your website to those searches by modifying site copy, picking relevant keywords and focusing on a narrow geographical area.

We also perform competitor analysis, understanding how other businesses in your area are optimizing their websites, how their customers are finding them, what their strengths are, and how to exploit their weaknesses.

Stage Two: On-Site Optimisation

Search engines don't just rank their results by relevance anymore. Google and its cohorts have become incredible good at testing a website's quality - how well it's laid out, how unique its content is, the craftsmanship of its code.

We offer services to help you pass those tests: code optimization, content analysis and, crucially, simulated customer flow through your website.

Stage Three: Off-Site Optimisation

When your website is judged, it isn't just judged on its content. In a crowded market, all the carefully-picked keywords and thoroughly optimised code in the world won't do you any good if your website has no relationship to the outside world.

When Google ranks a website, it takes special notice of how many other websites link to or reference it. Everything from a brief mention to a share on a social media platform plays an important part.

Let us help you take your web presence further and launch your brand into the digital stratosphere.

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The team at SentFlying always have interesting and unusual ideas to market my business online, with a constant focus on reaching and acquiring new customers.

They really helped launch my ecommerce business and i'm so excited where they'll take me in the years to come

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