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In the modern world, social media is your business card

Not only does it help you cultivate strong relationships with your existing customers - it also helps them tell others about the work you do. A recommendation is that much more effective when connections can be made in an instant.

Adverts can be ignored; websites can go unvisited. But word of mouth is incredibly powerful, especially when it comes from a trusted source. A good online presence makes networking easy. Why go to great lengths to bring new customers on board alone when your existing clients can do it for you, much more effectively?

Social media is the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy

We can help you build a unified presence across relevant social media, selecting the right platforms for you. Facebook is a must, but for the more outgoing, Twitter is a powerful tool for keeping in real-time contact with potential customers. For those whose work is more on the visual side, Pinterest is crucial; a picture is worth a thousand words. A Google Business account, with reviews and a star-rating that are highly visible in any relevant Google search, can be the deciding factor between you and the competition.

Research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing suggests that 62% of subjects frequently use social media when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. This is a dramatic increase from 17% in 2014, suggesting that far from being an optional add-on for the technically-minded, a good social media presence is crucial for building trust in your brand. At almost three billion and growing by the day, this isn't a market you can ignore.

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Hoax trusts SentFlying

The team at SentFlying always have interesting and unusual ideas to market my business online, with a constant focus on reaching and acquiring new customers.

They really helped launch my ecommerce business and i'm so excited where they'll take me in the years to come

Jason Carter – Hoax Clothing