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A poor website isn't a problem, it's an emergency

People often make the mistake of thinking that once you’ve found the right people, marketed to them properly and managed to get them to your website, the work is done.

But with over a billion websites to choose from, the average internet user is picky. Everybody knows the experience of going to a website and being completely unable to find what they want – too much waffle, not enough content, terrible navigation, missing contact details. It’s usually a matter of seconds before you’re back on Google, looking for something else and angry about your wasted time.

The problem is getting worse: with mobile usage now overtaking desktop usage, getting your website to load and display properly on a hand-sized device connected to regrettably poor work wifi (or even more regrettably poor 3G) is enormously important. Modern internet users will not tolerate a loading screen for more than a few seconds. They have places to be.

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Bounce back with website optimisation

Crucial here is the concept of a ‘bounce rate’ – the percentage of visitors who never see more than one page of a website before giving up. A high bounce rate means that all your hard work in bringing visitors to your site has been for nothing. They came, they saw, they left. Once you’ve lost them, there’s usually no getting them back.

But a high bounce rate isn’t the end of the world. Basic changes can yield startling results. In one case study, a website with a bounce rate of 86% managed to get down to 1.5% after switching over to a responsive, mobile-friendly design. This night-and-day transformation wasn’t a one-off either; other case studies reveal a similar trend – small modifications to website layout, content simplification and better load times can mean the difference between sale and no sale.

Our optimisation team will suggest, and make, all the changes you need to be sure that once you have your audience, you keep them. From technical improvements, site structure,  and navigation, through to page layout and sales copy, we will make sure your website loads fast, is easy to navigate, and gets users quickly and efficiently to the point: a sale, a call, a decision.

40% of visitors will abandon a slow website entirely after 3 seconds

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