Social media advertising

In the modern world, social media is your business card

It doesn’t just help you cultivate strong relationships with your existing customers – it also helps them tell others about the work you do –  word of mouth is incredibly powerful, especially when it comes from a trusted source.

Why go to great lengths to bring new customers on board alone when your existing clients can do it for you, much more effectively?

But social media is much more than networking – the major platforms all have intricate self serve advertising platforms, giving direct, laser targeted access to their massive audiences.

We can leverage these platforms to pinpoint your ideal customers, craft the perfect message, and delivery it right into their pocket.

Less cat videos, more sales

Find out how we can make paid social work for you.
No jargon, no obligation, great results.

Direct sales and re-targeting

Why paid social is right for your business

Find your ideal customers

With extensive targeting based on demographics, interests, behaviors and location, your ad spend is never wasted on the wrong audience.

Craft the perfect message

Use vibrant multimedia to deliver your message – from striking imagery, HD video, to fully interactive ads, the possibilities are endless. 

Deliver it directly

In the last month 98% of internet users have visited or used a social network or messaging service, most of them on a mobile phone that’s on their person 24 hours a day.

Repeat and grow

People are more likely to purchase from a company the recognize. Audience segmentation and re-targeting give the results of a blanket advertising campaign, at a fraction of the cost.

Your customers are on social media

Sounds great, but my customers aren't teenagers...

Audience demographics on the larger social media platforms are a fairly even spread, with the largest segment on Facebook in the 25 – 34 age bracket (26%), followed closely by those aged 35 – 44 (20%). 

And they’re not just watching cat videos either – research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing suggests that 62% of subjects frequently use social media when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

This is a dramatic increase from 17% in 2014, suggesting that far from being an optional add-on for the technically-minded, a good social media presence is crucial for building trust in your brand.

At almost three and a half billion and growing by the day, this isn’t a market you can ignore.

If your customers are on social media and your business isn’t, you’re missing out on a world of opportunity

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